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Groupe A.D.N – Your trusted partner for soda blasting with the powerful Ibix Pro 25 machine!

Our revolutionary new cleaning service offers effective and versatile solutions for a variety of delicate situations. Equipped with cutting-edge Ibix Pro 25 technology, our experienced team is ready to take on the most complex challenges. Find out how our service can meet your specific needs:

Soot removal after a fire

After a fire, soot residue can leave difficult marks on wood and concrete. Our soda blast cleaning technique effectively removes soot without damaging surfaces, leaving behind a clean, restored result.

Mold decontamination

Mold can be a persistent problem on structures made of wood, concrete, metal, and more. Our soda blasting service offers a safe and effective solution to eliminate mold, ensuring a healthy and reinvigorated environment.

Dust-free exterior stripping (Wetblast)

Exterior cleaning can often generate unwanted dust. Using our Wetblast technique, we remove dirt, paint or graffiti without producing excessive dust. Ideal for painted brick, concrete, wood siding, metal, and much more.

Dust-free graffiti cleaning

Graffiti can be an eyesore. Our soda blasting service removes graffiti efficiently and dust-free, preserving the integrity of surfaces while restoring their original appearance.

Cleaning of monuments

Our services also extend to cleaning monuments. Whether to remove traces of time, pollution or graffiti, our dedicated team ensures careful cleaning to preserve the beauty and history of monuments.

Decontamination of attics and crawl spaces

Mold can thrive in hard-to-reach places. Our soda blast cleaning service is suitable for decontaminating attics and crawl spaces, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

At Groupe A.D.N, we are committed to providing effective, environmentally friendly and safe cleaning solutions for all your delicate situations. Contact us today to find out how our soda blasting service with the Ibix Pro 25 machine can meet your specific needs. Trust our expertise to bring your surfaces back to life!

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Groupe A.D.N. also offers its commercial clients a complete cleaning and maintenance service. Focus on your business while our experts make your space gleam!

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Cleaning after a disaster, fire damage or water infiltration
  • Cleaning after an accident, death or crime
  • Cleaning mild or severe unsanitary conditions
  • Odour control
  • Condo, commercial and institutional cleaning
  • Soda blasting cleaning